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Eyelash Extension Aftercare



1. Do

☐ Cleanse your lashes daily with foaming baby shampoo and water

☐ Treat your lashes gently. When using a towel to dry, hold under lashes and blink

☐ Gently comb through your extensions to style the design

☐ Wet a Q-tip with foaming baby shampoo and gently rub to remove eyeliner

☐ Keep in mind that your natural lashes cycle daily. It is normal to lose an extension or two daily

☐ Schedule your next appointment within 2-3 weeks

2. Don’t

☐ No oil based products on the eyelashes. Baby shampoo and water only

☐ No waterproof mascara

☐ No use of eyelash curlers

☐ No tugging, picking or pulling on eyelash extensions

☐ Never pull off an extension. This will pull your natural lash out

☐ No tinting or perming of the natural lashes while wearing eyelash extensions

3. Client Rewards

☐ Refer a friend. When they come in for a full set, we give you a $10 credit towards your next fill

☐ Once you are a GLOSS client, you always receive half off the current price of our full sets

☐ Book with any artist that has an available time that works for you. All GLOSS artists are trained the same and carry the same products. Which, allows more flexibility for you.

☐ Online booking available 24/7 by downloading our App or at

4. Policies and helpful information

☐ For a quick response, texting the artist you are booked with is best. Part of the client experience is a nice, quiet, relaxing atmosphere during their application time. Many clients sleep.

☐ Artist contact numbers can be found at

☐ Request to be added to our wait list if artists are booked

☐ We love children, however, we recommend children under 10 not accompany you to appointments. Many of our clients come to relax and sleep during their  visit

☐ Please review our no show and late cancel policies

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